I Believe In The Pursuit Of Valuable Artistic Expression— In A Web3 World.

The mission is simple: Empower Artistic Expression, and lift up those who do it well.

As artists, we believe in the purpose behind expression, and see the value to be centered in the reasons why we create— and not just creation itself. Art for Art's Sake has been the mission behind the creative endeavors you see here on this site, and in our ecosystem.

Expression is everything. In a world of rapidly advancing technological capabilities that scale media production volume, the "How" is becoming less important than the "Why".

We live in a global society that consumes for the purpose of consuming. We go to work for the purpose of going to work, and we tend to allow others to influence how we think, what we believe, and what (if anything) we create. Art is consumed as fast as your thumb can scroll and the landscape of NFT's hasn't helped this situation either. A byproduct of the system we've created, with advancement comes sacrifice and in the case of the current Web3 + NFT world, the nature of that is no different.

NFT Marketplaces are great for accessing a new era of artist ownership, but in their ability to connect a lot of people to a lot of art, an foundational ability to curate expression is lost amongst the open seas of exchanges, creating expressionless objects of known origin but unknown value. A more intimate environment is needed, to showcase and give a platform to free expression.

Web3 Art needs a better frame, and that's the long-term core differentiator of

There are amazing artists out here in the space, but for the media and normal person who will never see it— All that's seen is empty plastic monkeys and ridiculous bloated values being associated with art that resembles the culture that birthed it. The incredible artists that strive to be better, and are passionate about what they create have had a challenge with their story reaching the people who really need art in their lives the most. With the birth of Web3 and the decentralization landscape, access should be better than it is, but we're on the right path.

We're here now.

We're growing, and what we are saying is not only spreading, but resonating. After all, you're reading this right now, and you know deep down that it's true.

About BLAC

My name is John, and I’ve been an artist for a long time; as an abstract expressionist painter and designer, and now as a proud Ai Infused Artist. I explore conceptual contrasts such as good vs. evil, freedom vs. ruin, and reality vs. unreal.

My artwork has been exhibited in Rome at the Mecenate Fine Art Gallery, as well as Superchief LA, and included in several publications in the NFT/Ai-Art community including NFTnow, Aguilar and more.

I’m an entrepreneur, having been the founder of 5 companies prior to my current Art brand, BLAC. I’ve worked with hundreds of companies as a startup consultant, growth marketer, and brand expert.

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