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Learn when, how, and why to scale your Web3 Artist journey— fast and with purpose.

So… You’re on the journey.


…Now what?

You started, but now you’re looking for ways to maximize your revenue from the WEB3/NFT and even AI ecosystem. But, it’s hard. It’s tough.

There’s a thousand new shiny objects to chase every day. You need direction, and that’s a good thing.

I’ve been there. I’m still there. I’m working through it.

The 1-Hr Strategy Call.

Topics we can cover together are Brand, Art, Collectors, and more.

During this call, I'll review your questions and goals and provide you with a full review and actionable items to help you move forward. This call is confidential and tailored to your specific needs. (Yes, it has a price tag attached to it, that’s because it’s actually valuable. )

Here’s what’s included:

Private 1-1 consulting session to review your questions, derive strategies and create actionable tasks.

  • Dedicated 1-HR for $100
  • Private and confidential
  • Full review of your questions and goals
  • Leave with action items to complete

Free Resources I provide that you can Access Right Now: There are a ton of Free Resources that I provide to the community as well. (FYI! I actually only started offering paid consults because I was asked to!) - I’m currently building an Artist Incubator that is also free to join. (It will soon be vetted access only) You can sign up at - Join one of the Spaces I host every week on Twitter. I currently host or co-host 12hrs+ a week right now, with no compensation/paid shills/ads. - Follow me on Twitter, I post a ton of helpful insights and perspectives including how-tos, community insights and culture feedback - Come listen to The New Renaissance, either live or recorded, we review news and tech and processes all the time - Check out Kino and I’s show on marketing and brand tips for Artists, and algo help! - DM me, I almost always answer questions over DM unless its’a bogus account - You can also contact me here!

The 6-Week Plan.

For those looking for more in-depth support and structure, I can also build you a 6-week plan. Here’s an Example:

Week 1: Two 1-Hr Consults

  • Establish priority action items for first stage development
  • Review tasks from the first call and discuss feedback on barriers, revised action items

Week 2: Two 1-Hr Consults

  • Review action items and plan for the week ahead
  • Review all marketing efforts and receive specific feedback on direction and next stage development
  • Discuss collector courting strategy

Weeks 3-6: Two 30-minute check-in calls each week

  • Establish action items for each week and review previous week
  • Set specific KPIs and review work
  • Receive feedback on top pieces, posts, and entries
  • Assess future plans and finalize goals for the end of the 6 weeks

After each call, I'll send you a list of action items and any key takeaways from our session.

Now is the opportunity to grow your Artist business in the NFT/Web3 space. Book your 1-hour private consulting call or sign up for the 6-week plan today.

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