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Zealot of Valuable Artistic Expression

Artist & Curator / Rome, Paris, LA, NYC

I Believe In The Pursuit Of Valuable Artistic Expression— In A Web3 World.

The mission is simple: Empower Artistic Expression, and lift up those who do it well.

As artists, we believe in the purpose behind expression, and see the value to be centered in the reasons why we create— and not just creation itself. Art for Art's Sake has been the mission behind the creative endeavors you see here on this site, and in our ecosystem.

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Exhibitions, Interviews & Features

PlacementTypeFeatured In:NotesDateURL
MFA Rome
IRL Gallery
“Real Thoughts” Exhibition
Curated in live exhibition
April 26, 2023
First Place - Claire Silver
Claire Silver AI Contest
BLAC’s “MuseAI” Wins First Place | Claire Silver’s 4th Ai Contest
Selected for First Place
April 26, 2023
Mario Nawfal
Live Show
Elon To Sue Open AI? TruthGPT vs ChatGPT | @Elonmusk Truth GPT Plans”
Guest Speaker / 310k+ Listeners
April 19, 2023
Mario Nawfal
Live Show
Is A.I The End Of Humanity | Elon Musk's vs ChatGPT w/Scott Adams”
Featured Speaker / 450k+ Listeners
April 15, 2023
NFT Gallery NYC
IRL Gallery
“LATENT DREAMS” - My first 100% curated show
Curated a group of 21 works for NFT NYC IRL Gallery exhibition
April 13, 2023
Time Magazine / Pieces
Live Show
The Alpha
Featured Speaker
April 5, 2023
Live Show
Interviewed as Featured Artist
March 30, 2023
Strange History
FND World
Strange History | FND World
Curated in FND World
March 20, 2023
NFT Factory Paris
IRL Gallery
100% AI* *ça n'existe pas” Exhibition / NFT Paris
Selected Artist for live exhibition
March 2, 2023
Finalist - Claire Silver
Claire Silver AI Contest
BLAC’s “AI Art Is Not Art” selected as finalist, Claire Silver’s 3rd Ai Contest
Selected as Finalist
February 4, 2023
“Artistic Expression through AI, and the arrival of The New Renaissance”
Speech at 100+ universities & research center consortium
January 20, 2023
MFA Rome
IRL Gallery
AIIA Group Exhibition
Curated in live exhibition
January 17, 2023
Web3 Publication
The AI-Generated Art Debate Is Here. And It’s Very Messy.”
Interviewed about AI, AI artists and the culture surrounding it
November 21, 2022
Art Publication
Cover + Featured Artist
November 21, 2022
AI Art Weekly
Art Publication
AI Art Weekly #9”
Featured Artist Interview
November 18, 2022
SuperChief LA
IRL Gallery
SuperChief LA Horror Show
Selected Artist for live exhibition
October 31, 2022
MFA Rome
IRL Gallery
“AI Is Freedom” Exhibition
Curated in live exhibition
September 23, 2022

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